We are solving Africa’s healthcare problems on the ground with continental experts who understand the social and political context. By embracing local knowledge and innovative and creative solutions, we are able to create lasting value for patients and health systems.

Market Access Africa is a straight-talking, results-driven healthcare firm focused exclusively on Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission is simple. We To help healthcare organizations identify growth opportunities, navigate the African healthcare terrain with greater certainty, and to support the execution of winning strategies for their products and services. And we’re pretty good at it too.

Our team of seasoned global health and life science experts are focused on providing our clients with honest, direct advice and solutions that will create sustainable growth.


We provide a modular approach that enables clients to control and build the solutions that suit them best - from strategy to execution.

Market access strategies

Our clients are able to make informed and evidence-based decisions because of our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with our deep industry expertise and analytical firepower. We work with clients in various ways, from helping them to introduce new products to the African market,to realigning their existing corporate strategies and achieve better results.

Market entry and expansion

Using our end-to-end market access capabilities, we provide clients with a range of implementation support services for their product launch, including supplementing field teams with our functional and/or technical experts as needed. Our team members are launch veterans who have led or participated in hundreds of new product launches throughout their careers.

Global public health

We work with foundations, governments, and international organizations to translate scientific evidence into policies that can lead to equitable access to health products and innovations. Our work in global health is broad and spans policy and advocacy, program strategy, government affairs, health system strengthening, digital health, financing, and program evaluation.

Stand out from the crowd

health system strategy
ALIGN your strategy to the health system needs

Be uniquely positioned to bring value to the market and patients

TRANSLATE strategies
TRANSLATE strategies into measurable results

Boost shareholder value and achieve transformational impact

Market Access Strategies
NAVIGATE through a complex healthcare marketplace

Reduce your risk and increase opportunities by staying ahead of the market trends

Market Entry and Expansion
BUILD valuable and lasting relationships with stakeholders

Become a trusted partner and have stakeholders invested in seeing you succeed

Successes we’ve achieved with others

Global Public Health
Adapting a Product Development Partnership

A maturing R&D portfolio prompted a Product Development Partnership (PDP) to introduce and embrace new strategies, tools and capabilities to support its goal of reaching neglected disease patients. We are advising and supporting the organization's transformation and change management process to ensure that the effort takes hold throughout the organisation in the near term and long term.

Product Development Partnership
Prioritizing product growth and impact

A diagnostic company wanted to leverage its COVID-19 PCR instrumentation for other disease indications. We were brought in to review their product pipeline and advise management on the relevant assays to prioritize for its expansion in Africa, resulting in clear recommendations to refocus company resources on specific high-value assays in specific early adopter countries.

go-to-market strategy
Devising a go-to-market strategy for TB diagnostics

A biotech company, developing a simple low-cost Tuberculosis test for low-and middle-income countries called on us to assess various commercialization and go-to-market approaches. Our experts recommended options that would maximize patient impact and shareholder value, and devised a high-level product introduction roadmap for the identified target countries

Market-shaping strateg
Market-shaping strategy for reproductive, maternal and newborn health

A global health organization tasked us with validating their market-shaping strategy for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) commodities. We conducted a three-month diagnostic that identified opportunities to prioritize key products, while dramatically improving the patient experience.

Our core values

Our firm was founded in response to the persistent demand for expertise that understands both the global healthcare landscape and the uniqueness of the African market. We consider ourselves as rebels, fighters and explorers that are challenging the status quo and boundaries of innovation, healthcare delivery and human potential. We take these values seriously and love working with people who do too.

solve Africa’s healthcare problems Getting Closer to the Problem

We believe you cannot solve Africa’s healthcare problems from a distance. We have to get up close and personal to the issues, the patients, the social and political context, and the gate-keepers. Only then can we see what is vital, and become relevant, distinctive, and impactful.

Challenging the Status Quo Challenging the Status Quo

If we want to solve complex problems, we must be willing to move away from the herd mentality of how health services are delivered in Africa, and instead embrace innovative and creative solutions that challenge the status quo and create lasting value for patients and the health system.

Market Access Africa Always striving for impact

Ideas are easy but impact is hard. Successfully taking ideas from the whiteboard to the market requires grit and passion that comes from having a vested interest in the outcomes. It also demands experience and the acumen to define the plan and fully execute.

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